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Their success inspires us and we are happy to be part of their success as providing microcredit at the right time

Another Success Story of Kasuri
Rudramma - Hirevankalkunte Village
Success story of Maimunisa
Maimunisa K Jilan living in Mudukanakatte badavane and there are 3 members in her family- her husband and daughter. As Maimunisa and her husband is engaged in plastic business and daughter is doing primary study. This story tells us how borrower is successful if finance is managed skillfully. Maimunisa at the first time approached Chaitanya for Rs. 15000 loan with aim to start up a small business. This loan she invested in plastic business & by the time when she found gradual change in the income she borrowed another Rs. 35000 loan from chaitanya which she is eligible for .This money she invested for improving the existing plastic business and in purchasing the vehicle which carries all the items that helps to reach more consumers. This time she approached chaitanya with a big dream to open small shop at their living place by borrowing Rs. 50000 loan. During our interaction we found she is very happy with her business success and the financial support she received from chaitanya
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