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Audit Head


Internal Audit

Job Role

Reports to the Audit Committee of the Board and synthesis the Inputs from 30 plus audit Officers


Audit – Head


15 + years




Male / Female




As per the candidate profile

Key Responsibilities;

  1. To Anchor the meetings of the Audit Committee of the Board.  To prepare the monthly audit report for review of the Audit Committee assessing the various key areas where employees have not adhered fully to the company operating policies
  2. Serve as a sounding board to the operations on assessment and process implementation.  Work with operations to communicate areas with underperformance in field operating process and Improve them.
  3. To Summarise the Reports from Audit Manager and Divisional Audit Managers and present it to the Senior Management Team.  Obtain the responses of the Senior Operations team and follow up on Action taken Plan agreed with the Board. 
  4. The Internal Audit Head plays an important role in prioritising the issues to be taken up the audit committee and summarises upwards the various observation in order to identify systemic failures and human resources failures.
  5. The Internal Audit Head will work with the Audit Manager and Divisional Audit Managers to ensure proper training and Development of the Audit Officers.  The Audit head will ensure the internal processes of the Audit Department is executed smoothly and sets the focus for the Audit team in conjunction with the Audit Manager

Skills required:

  • The Ideal Candidate should be comfortable in making reports and presentations of key points. 
  • The person should have a thorough understanding of field realities and practical aspects of the Micro finance Operations and understand the core principles of the Joint Liability Group mechanism well. 
  • The ideal candidate would have operating experience in Banks or NBFCs with reasonable fluency in Kannada, Hindi and English. 
  • The Internal Audit Head should be comfortable to travel and address issues that could give rise to confrontation between the operating team and audit team.
  • A sound understanding of the operating procedures and Financial Accounting Systems like Vouchers and reading bank statements is useful and capability to summarise, prioritise and articulate are helpful.