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Job Title Branch Manager 
Job Code BMREC001
Location Karnataka
Experience 0-3 years
Job Description

The Branch Manager (BM) has a leadership, mentoring and controlling role. He/she should preferably be from district of our Branch or from neighbouring districts and speak the local language fluently and understand local society very well. He/she must be a graduate in any discipline and candidates with experience are given additional preference; however care is taken that the age of the candidate is not significantly above 25 so that the candidate can handle the extensive travelling that is required to be done as part of the role. The other criterion for selection are demonstrable leadership skills and planning, patience and maturity to deal with people and complex issues, articulation and clarity of thought, initiative demonstrated in past work or educational experience, understanding and experience with the rural landscape etc. In BM selection continuity of professional jobs by the candidate in the past and an enduring interest with professional ambition is considered important. The most important criterion however for a BM is ability to motivate, lead and control people.


Job Description:

The Branch Manager shall be responsible for the branch operations. He shall oversee all field operations activities in his branch, meeting the business plan targets responsible to ensure overall branch performance and profitability.

Desired Skills:

- Good at risk assessment

- Control & field check

- Good in commercial

- Good at planning and work co-ordination

- Ability to handles problem crisis & stress

- Ability to handle 4-8 teams

- Customer relationship & communication

- Transparency, sharing information and clear communication