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The company follows a double bottom line approach where improving the lives of people served is as important as being profitable. The core activity of providing financial services needs to be beneficial to the communities we work with.

Our Community service philosophy rests on three broad principles:

  1. Our core activity of providing financial services must improve the economic lives of our borrowers
  2. Any other community service  done which is beyond our core activity must reach a sizeable number of people, at least 20 percent of our borrower base
  3. Wherever possible, we will choose community activities which are part of a larger national agenda.

Our Community Services fall in Four Broad Areas:

Tracking to see of our borrower’s economic lives are improving

Since inception, we are using the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) developed by the Grameen Foundation to track the poverty level of our borrowers

Providing Livestock Services

With over 20 percent of borrowers taking loans for the purchase of livestock, livestock related service is another area of community activity for us. Our activities here are focused in three areas: 

  • Provide livestock insurance to milch animals funded by the company.
  • Increase awareness in the community on livestock care and diseases through video shows and awareness camps.
  • Conduct veterinary camps.
Financial Inclusion
In 2014-15, we participated in the Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan Yogana (PMJDY)
Financial Literacy

We are engaged in financial literacy programs for our borrowers and in the communities we work in through video shows and group training

Enterprise Development Program